MetLife Group Policy #05918552

CORPORATE Employees will contact Jan Taylor at and 513-569-8375
(fax 513-569-8379)

STATESIDE Employees will contact the Benefits Department at and 513-984-1800, ext. 165 (fax 513-569-8379)

Did you know... Increasing your life insurance coverage is easy!

If you already have some amount of life insurance coverage on yourself and spouse, you can add $10,000 on you and $5,000 on your spouse each Annual Enrollment guaranteed without the Statement of Health Form (Evidence of Insurability)?


  • Accident Insurance provides "scheduled" payments in the event of an accident. All coverage is guaranteed, rates do not increase with age, and there are no pre-existing condition limitations. Each Annual Enrollment allows for the purchase of Accident coverage.
    • 24 hour coverage, with options of "Low Plan" and "High Plan".
    • Accidental Death Benefit of $25,000 (Low Plan) or $50,000 (High Plan).
    • Employee may purchase coverage for self and dependents (EE, ES, EC, EF rates).
    • Accident Insurance FAQ
  • Critical Illness Insurance provides "lump sum" payments based upon the occurrence of heart attack, cancer, stroke, and certain major "dread disease" conditions. All coverage is guaranteed, but pre-existing condition limitations may apply (never for heart attack and stroke, and credit will be granted to those with prior coverage). Each annual enrollment allows for the purchase of Critical Illness insurance.
    • Coverage options of either $15,000 or $30,000 benefit maximums.
    • Annual Health Screening Benefit of either $50 (for $15,000) or $100 (for $30,000) included.
    • Rates based on attained age at purchase / issue without distinction of gender or smoker status.
    • Premium cost will not increase with age.
    • Standard industry exclusions apply.
    • Critical Illness Insurance FAQ
  • Auto and Home Owners Insurance: Call 1-800-438-6388, 1-800 GET MET 8 offers the opportunity to save on current property coverage and pay premiums through the convenience of payroll deduction. Enrollment is ongoing.
  • Pet Insurance: for information and to get a quote, call 1-877-738-7874 and click provides coverage for the veterinary care costs of a variety of pet animals. Coverage provided by Nationwide. Enrollment is ongoing. Watch video link.
Term Life/AD&D Insurance for employees and dependents:

For employees eligible for the first time, the Guarantee Issue limits are $250,000 Employee, $50,000 Spouse, and $10,000 Child(ren). Employees with current coverage may also increase existing levels by $10,000 and increase Spouse coverage by $5,000 up to the stated maximums, without satisfying Evidence of Insurability (EOI). Rates are age bracketed but do not differ by gender or tobacco use. Premium cost will increase as a new age bracket is attained.

If you did not enroll when first eligible for coverage, Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is required through the completion of the "Statement of Health Form" (SOH). Questions about the SOH Form? View our Statement of Health FAQ.

Enrollment Instructions

The MetLife Voluntary Benefits Booklet provides coverage summary and cost information.

Enrollment is required through the Sterling Medical Employee Enrollment and Change Application.

Annual Enrollment is from June 15 through June 30.

Please submit applications to Jan Taylor (Corporate) or to the Benefits Department (Stateside) by June 30th.

MetLife: Voluntary Benefits Enrollment
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Easy to enroll, benefit choices, and stable cost of coverage!

* For Life Insurance, late enrollments must complete "Statement of Health Form". Exception: each Annual Enrollment, those with Employee and Spouse coverage, may increase by $10,000 and $5,000, respectfully. Please contact Human Resources for the Statement of Health Form or click on the "SOH" link above.

** Rates are initially guaranteed for three years

NOTE: Critical Illness Insurance includes an Annual Health Screening benefit

Benefits Do Not Coordinate With Group Medical Insurance
and All Coverage is Portable!