Beyond our core business of employee benefits management, our firm also offers a variety of strategic management engagements. Given our team's depth and diversity in various management and leadership roles has provided us with a unique ability to help organizations. Teams and individuals improve performance and assure results. All of our consulting engagements have been conducted exclusively with companies in the insurance or healthcare related industry.

We assist organizations such as insurance companies, managed care organizations, hospital/physician groups, ancillary providers, and pharmaceutical firms.

The type of work we do within these engagements has included:
  • Voice of the Customer - Qualitative Market Research
  • Strategic Marketing and Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Sales Management and Sales Executive Training and Development Programs
  • Executive Coaching
All of our consulting engagements are unique and custom projects are based upon the specific needs of our clients. We have no standard "off the shelf" services or processes.

Engagements begin with a thorough needs assessment that helps determine the issues, challenges, environment, needs, culture, and changes/results desired before the best approach is determined. This helps us tailor the assistance and support offered to our clients. We have found that no one single approach fits any situation. All of our clients (either large organizations or individual entrepreneurs) are unique and require custom approaches.

If you would like more information regarding Scheller Bradford Consulting please contact Stu Scheller.