Group Dental insurance plans are available through Superior Dental Care (SDC) with an Expanded Provider Network!
  • True "Group" coverage with no service waiting periods and no pre-existing conditions limitations
  • Enrollment is ongoing with coverage available every month of the year
  • Rates are guaranteed for twelve months and members commit to twelve months of coverage
  • BOR Members and Affiliate Members are eligible
  • See for an expanded network of dentists ("Find a Dentist", enter County or Zip Code) but non-network benefits are available
  • Premiums are paid monthly through pre-authorized checking accounts (billed in the first ten days of the month)
  • Paperwork is easy and available through the below link (follow submission instructions)
2019 Real Estate Agent Dental Plan

Real Estate Agent Dental Plan Rates 2019
Superior Dental Care Real Estate Agent Application and AutoPay Form
Superior Dental Care Plan #631 Schedule of Benefits

Contact John Harder with questions or for additional information: and 513-578-6980.

Application, Authorization Agreement, and "Voided" Check are to be mailed or scanned and emailed to:

John Harder
The Scheller Bradford Group
463 Ohio Pike, Suite 303
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255


New Benefit: Telemedicine

Click here for 24 hour access to Physicians and Pharmacy
  • No copay ($0) for virtual M.D. physician visit
  • Unlimited visits
  • Physician can prescribe medication
  • No office visit, urgent care, or emergency room - save time and money
  • One price for full family
  • Enroll directly online

Medical insurance is now available on a guaranteed issue basis to all individuals without pre-existing medical condition limitations, thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Scheller Bradford Group has partnered with an individual medical insurance "expert" in the Health Enrollment Management Agency ("HEMA"). By completing and returning the form available through the below link, you will have access to all available individual medical insurance products available in your geographic area, both "On-Exchange" and "Off-Exchange". Best of all, the professionals at HEMA will only review the most competitively priced benefits plan designs that are of interest to you, and will make sure that the doctors and hospitals that you need are in the carrier provider network. If you are eligible for a federal tax credit or subsidy to help with insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expense, you will have professional help to determine and secure that assistance.

New Member Benefit - RetireMEDiQ

Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS is proud to announce the newest affinity partnership... RetireMEDIQ

As you near retirement, we want to make your transition to Medicare simple. That's why CABR has partnered with RetireMEDiQ to provide a health insurance resource for those preparing for retirement and their families.

You now have exclusive access to The RetireMEDiQ Program. This program provides you with helpful information via the RetireMEDiQ Newsletter, which is customizable and is designed to guide you through your transition to retirement and Medicare. Join the nearly 20,000 local individuals who are signed up to receive our unique newsletter.

When you sign up for The RetireMEDiQ Program, you will also gain direct access to their Benefit Advisors, wide range of health plans and online resources so you can begin learning. Best of all, this program is offered at no cost to you, your family and friends.

It is important to us that you and your loved ones have the help you need to make informed Medicare decisions. When you sign up for The RetireMEDiQ Program, you will begin receiving e-communications that will help you cut through the clutter of Medicare information and protect your savings in retirement!

Get Started

Click the “Get Started” button or click the link to enroll under The RetireMEDiQ Program today!

Questions? See below links or contact broker consultant, John Harder, or 513-578-6980.

You can also make an appointment to meet with a RetireMEDiQ representative at their convenient Norwood, Ohio location.

For More Information:

CABR and RetireMEDiQ
The RetireMEDiQ Program for CABR Members